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New Firmware for Triton300/400/500

v. 1.88 สำหรับ Triton300
v. 1.75 สำหรับ Triton400
v. 1.85 สำหรับ Triton500


  • Added optional Navigation Fields to Map screen for Triton 300/400/500 devices
  • Added Quick Info on Map screen
  • Contextual menu improvement
  • Power Saving - reduce backlight if battery level is 50% or lower
  • Electronic Compass User Calibration UI improvement1
  • Move low-level settings (e.g., time zone and power timer settings) from the Profiles to Setting
  • Add additional settings to Profile
  • New Coordinate and Elevation Entry UI
  • New Strip Compass Navigation screen
  • New Road Navigation screen
  • User Grid (Trans. Mercator only)
  • Coordinate Fields display on the Info pages
  • User Object Selection improvement
  • Option to clear active track after trail was created
  • Option to turn ON/OFF Navigation Screens.

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