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VantagePoint™ 1.52

What's new in version 1.52?

GPS logging: VantagePoint software can now be used to display the geographic position of a USB-connected Triton device when off-roading or out on the water. Track all your movements on your laptop and save trails directly into VantagePoint software.

VantagePoint Lite: Access VantagePoint software quickly and easily via VantagePoint Lite, an icon that sits in your PC's system tray. VantagePoint Lite provides automatic alerts when new software is available for your Triton device. Simply click on the icon to launch the Triton Software Update Wizard.

3D exaggeration: 3D topographic map imagery can now be blown up to amplify mountain heights and valley depths - great for route planning and trail playback.

Search improvements: Use one of three different latitude and longitude formats (Decimal Degrees (DD), Degrees Minutes (DM), or Degrees Minutes Seconds (DMS)) to perform searches on specific geographic coordinates.

Track/Trails Improvements: 3D positional arrow now provides better visualization of your path during playback. You can also change trail colors and convert a trail to a route to customize your adventure.

GPS journal. Now you can import Google Earth user data files in .KML format and geocaches in .LOC format!